Happy New Year everyone!After a very busy and exciting 2013, we can’t wait to tell you about our new projects for 2014 that will help even more businesses to appear on the high street and revive our town centres, so watch this space.Thank you for your continued support and we hope you have a great start to 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!

After a very busy and exciting 2013, we can’t wait to tell you about our new projects for 2014 that will help even more businesses to appear on the high street and revive our town centres, so watch this space.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you have a great start to 2014.

How can popup shops help revive our high streets?

If you missed Alison John’s talk at the Small Business Saturday event recently, here is an online version for you to see…

Written by Alison John - MD and Founder of Space Qube

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Join us at the Small Business Saturday event in Southampton - 7th December

Not long now until the Solent Business Growth Network event for Small Business Saturday UK on Saturday 7th December.

Small Business Saturday is a grass-roots campaign across the UK that encourages people to shop local and support small businesses in their communities.

We will be talking about popup retail at the Southampton event in Southampton Central Library to provide some inspiration to small businesses. Everyone is welcome to come along and get involved so we’d love to see you there!

See here for more info: http://sbgn.co.uk/sbs/index.html

10 ways Space Qube can help Towns and Landlords

Popup retail can be an extremely attractive option for brands, but how does popup benefit towns and landlords? Here we explore just a few of the ways in which the Space Qube model of dedicated spaces for short term retail or promotional activity can add value to high streets and retail units…


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A popup shop isn’t just for Christmas

4 reasons popup should be an integral part of your annual marketing plan


Popup shops are very popular during the Christmas period as brands try to take advantage of the extra footfall and drive extra revenue at what is typically the busiest time of year for retailers. However, times are changing and brands are starting to realise the potential that popup spaces can offer all year round.

Rather than seeing popup as a one-off seasonal activity, we at Space Qube believe that brands should embrace the concept throughout the year and use it as an integral part of their annual communications plan. Here we demonstrate why popup will soon become an important part of a brand’s promotional tool box..

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Space Qube Support at Pop Up Summit, London

A few weeks ago Space Qube attended Pop Up Britain’s “Pop Up Summit” in London. This very useful and insightful day featured an impressive lineup of speakers including big players from the retail and popup industry as well as the business press. Topics of discussion covered everything from setting up local popup shops to how popup works for landlords, and from the effect of technology on popup to the effect of popup on the high street. The best bit of it overall though, was that a lot of what was said supported the Space Qube concept and we are even more confident that there is a need for a more rounded popup service. 

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Richard Cook Joins Space Qube…


We are pleased to announce that Richard Cook has joined the Space Qube team as Business Advisor and Mentor.

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How can popup activity help new businesses? - Business Mentor, Richard Cook, tells us…

"Retail shopping is going through the biggest change ever and desperately needs something new - I think it’s arrived in Space Qube!" Richard Cook

Richard Cook is a business mentor for Space Qube’s Founder Alison John. We asked him to give us an insight into the benefits of mentoring and his thoughts on how popup activity can help new businesses…

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10 Uses for Popup Spaces

Popup spaces are a blank canvas for any sort of promotional activity. Brands and companies can use them in any way they choose, according to what the best way is to and reach out to their customers and deliver their objectives. However, there are some dominant trends in how popup spaces are being used and here we’ve pulled together our top ten…

1. Test a new retail location

A popup shop is a great way for brands to test a new retail location without the commitment of a long-term lease.

For example, Toys R Us opens multiple popup stores over the Christmas period and some have been so successful that the retailer has set up permanent stores in those locations.

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Why is location important to popup?

"In the brick-and-mortar retail world, it’s said that the three most important decisions [you’ll make] are location, location and location. Careful determination of new sites is critical for most retail and consumer service businesses." Irene Dickey, Lecturer in Management and Marketing at the University of Dayton, Ohio, via Entrepreneur.com.

Pop up shops are often found at the bottom of a quiet lane, in a near-to-derelict end of a high street or in a small unit that is rarely frequented by passersby. However, as the concept of popup becomes mainstream, we are seeing more examples of retailers and brands “popping up” in high quality locations. Here we consider some of the reasons why the location of a popup shop is so important to its success.

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Join Space Qube

Today we’re launching our crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the first Space Qube retail unit which will be sub-let on a short term basis to a variety of retailers in the form of pop-up shops. 

Investments of £10 upwards are welcome and every bit helps so get involved and become a part of our exciting new venture!

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